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Exhibitions > underworld by John Jackson 210511

A History of Pebbles


A History of Pebbles

A pebble is a small, roundish, water worn stone that is smaller than a cobble and larger than a granule. Pebbles can take thousands and sometimes millions of years to evolve. Pebbles were my introduction to geology.


Pebbles are made by streams that tumble boulders and rocks from mountain ranges and high country. Pebbles can also be made by wave action against rocky coastlines. In this story the pebbles are being made by one stream that migrates backwards and forwards in time and intersects its original path twice.


This painting depicts the history of a stream channel meandering across a pale blue to greyish white pavement of basement rock. This basement rock shows sub-parallel white quartz veins and a small faulted zone in the bottom left hand corner.


The oldest, and deepest stream channel contains the blue to bluish grey boulders. These are angular and have travelled the shortest distance.


After depositing the blue to bluish grey boulders the stream has left the painting only to return and superimpose the dark, reddish grey cobbles.


Again the stream leaves the painting but this time its return brings yellow to orange pebbles together with some cobbles. Note the stream now has more bends. These pebbles and cobbles have travelled the furthest as is demonstrated by their rounder shape.


This story has been told repeatedly in southeast Queensland for the last 200 million years.

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