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Exhibitions > underworld by John Jackson 210511




Fossil soil horizons are common in the geological record. In this painting there are four fossil soil horizons and they are covered by a cross-bedded sandy siltstone.


The oldest and deepest soil shows strong iron staining as a deep red-brown. The top of this soil is leached to a yellow. There are eight root fossils in this soil.


The second oldest fossil soil is tan coloured with a leached yellow top. This horizon was either more fertile, contained more moisture or lasted longer as it has more roots than any other horizon.


The second youngest soil is a mauve colour and is not as extensive as the two deeper horizons.


The youngest and highest soil is yellow, thin and limited in lateral extent. It has one fossil root.


The top of the painting depicts orange, sandy silt coming from the right and travelling to the left. At the base of most cross beds are sand grains suggesting a higher water velocity at the start of each cross bed.

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