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Exhibitions > underworld by John Jackson 210511

The Niger


The Niger

This painting depicts the suture between the East and West African Cratons, the Palaeozoic marine invasion, the West African Rift System, the sands of the Sahara and the Niger River.


The brownish purple, paisley pattern on the left is the West African Craton. The greenish blue wriggles on the right is the East African Craton. The rainbow marks the suture where the East African Craton was “welded” to the West African Craton during the Pan-African Orogeny, 600 million years ago.


The pale to dark green ribbons represent the Palaeozoic marine sediments that transgressed the “new” African Craton.


The red “flames” mark the locations of the West African Rift System. These were initiated during the opening of the South Atlantic Ocean.


The yellowish orange round to oval shapes that look similar to “potatoes” are the sands of the Sahara. In some places they demonstrate a preferred wind orientation.


The pale blue “ribbon” running from top to bottom is the Niger River where it runs between Mali and Niger.


The pale fawn to tan streaks that are sub-parallel to the Niger River are the silt banks left by the River when it was in flood.

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