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This painting was designed to explain stacked hydrocarbon traps in fluvial sands. The audience was the Ugandan Government.


The yellow, orange and brown objects are sand grains. Each colour represents a separate sand lens or individual bed that in turn represents a separate stream or river channel.


The steeply inclined line on the right is a normal (down-to-the-left) fault.


In between the sand grains are areas of dark blue and light blue. The dark blue represents immovable capillary water whilst the light blue represents movable, free groundwater. In places red gas can be seen to accumulate and in other green oil. The contacts between oil and gas are different for each sand body.


The areas of dark brown, dark blue and dark green are clays and silts.


The three silver vertical lines are “man made” drill holes.


The irregular pale blue and white shape near the bottom and to the right of the middle drill hole is a fresh water, fossil shell.

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