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Exhibitions > underworld by John Jackson 210511

Red Earthquake


Red Earthquake

In 2010 and 2011 earthquakes occurring above unknown fault systems surprised Christchurch, New Zealand. The faults were unknown because the plains around Christchurch were covered with sediments that completely obscured the existence of faults. Upon research the artist discovered that the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 appeared to originate from two different fault orientations that had two different directions of travel. One was essentially a under-thrusting direction; the other was a horizontal transcurrent or passing direction.


In the artwork two blades can be seen intersecting each other. The first is a curved oblong; the second intersects the first and is the shape of an axe blade or scythe. These two blades represent the fault planes that caused the earthquakes beneath Christchurch. The round and oblong shapes represent the sediments that obscured the faults before the earthquake. The small oblong and round shape in the upper half represent the dust that flew above Christchurch at the time of the earthquakes. The large oblong shapes at the bottom of the picture are the sediments that shook and slurried at the time of the earthquakes to reveal the fault planes.


The tumbled dominos depict the devastation of Christchurch.

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