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Exhibitions > underworld by John Jackson 210511

Elements of the Rim


Elements of the Rim


The Scenic Rim in South East Queensland is made up of three “families” of rocks. There are the oldest most deformed rocks known as the “basement family” and they form the foundations of the Scenic Rim. These are the zigzag pattern in the lower left. Above these and to the right are orange brown pebbles, yellow orange and brown sand dots, pale bluish grey silts and clays with inclusive indigo blue coal beds. This collection of rocks are known as “the Floor Rocks”.  Intruding and super-imposed on the “basement and floor rocks” are the hot magmas and lavas known as “the Rim Rocks”. Here they can be seen coming from a hot red, orange and yellow magma chamber at the bottom, through concealed, vertical, volcanic throats, vertical dykes and concealed horizontal sills.


To the left and right of the volcano are the volcanic bombs and rocks distributed in layers of ash and lava.


The artwork attempts to represent a majority of features that can be discovered in the Scenic Rim.

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