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Exhibitions > underworld by John Jackson 210511




Unlike the lost city of Atlantis, the lost land of Zealandia has been discovered. It lies submerged beneath the waters of the Tasman and the Pacific. It stretches from south of New Zealand to north of New Caledonia and includes Lord Howe Island.


Zealandia is a collation of rocks from eastern Australia and Antarctica that was split from these two continents when the Tasman Sea opened.


At the centre are the blues, browns, yellows and reds representing Zealandia. The southern blue areas represent the rocks of the Lachlan Fold Belt.  Above those are the undulating folds in brown and these represent the rocks of the New England Fold Belt. The yellow sliver sitting between the undulating folds is the eastern extension of the Clarence-Morton Basin that runs as a floor to the Scenic Rim.  The remaining yellow dots, together with the orange curved pattern, represent the rocks around Gympie.


The surrounding pale and dark greens are the waters of the Tasman and Pacific Oceans. The two black thin lines are the major fault zones separating the North and South Island of New Zealand. The thin black line in the bottom half is where the Pacific crustal plate is under-thrusting the Australian plate on the left hand side. In the centre, the two black lines separate, to the south of this separation careful examination will see the pale brown South Island of New Zealand. North of the separation, careful examination will discover the pale brown North Island of New Zealand.


In the upper half, reverse fault action takes place and the region west of the thin black line, the Australian Crustal Plate, is being under-thrust the Pacific Plate on the right hand side of the thin black line.


This complete opposite direction of thrusting, results in large, unpredictable earthquakes.

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