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Exhibitions > underworld by John Jackson 210511

African Kaftan


African Kaftan

In 2001, when the artist was working in Uganda, he was amused when African women wanted to cut holes in his paintings and wear them. This was his inspiration for African Kaftan.


In 2005 the artist was working in Mali. The geology of Mali, together with the beauty of the Niger River, seemed like the perfect start for an African Kaftan.


From the neckline the Niger River can be seen to flow down the front and back of the Kaftan. Beneath the Niger River are the yellow sands of the Sahara. Beneath the Sahara are the red and yellow cracks of the West African Rift System. This rift system developed during the opening of the South Atlantic. The Rift System parted the underlying basement rocks that are shown in green paisley, purplish brown folds and green and brown “leopard skin-type” patterns.

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