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Exhibitions > underworld by John Jackson 210511

Window on the Worm


Window on the Worm

There are no remains of the worm in this painting but you can see where it has been.


The orange and yellow dots represent sand grains. There are two layers of cross-bedded sands, one at the bottom and one near the top. Both layers were deposited from left to right. There are nine worm “tubes” or “burrows” either within the sand layers or above and below them. The worm travelled horizontally as well as up and down. In one tube the worm turned.


The blue with a touch of mauve represents layers of limey clay.


The greenish yellow to tan with the occasional sand grain represents silt.


The pale green with the odd sand grain represents a deep-water clay or mud that drowned the shallower water sands, silts and limey clays.


The worm looks like it burrowed up from the sand into the deeper water clay. But from this picture it is not known how long the worm lasted.

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